August 18, 2017
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 School Policies     
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  To ensure safe and timely arrival of all students, please follow the directions at all times:  

  • All volunteers and visitors with scheduled appointments on campus must sign-in through the school office. The back gate entrance may not be used by volunteers and visitors for campus entry. The back gate is for students only and parents escorting and signing students into the YMCA. 
  • The cafeteria opens at 8:20 a.m. for students eating breakfast only. Students may enter campus through the North High valet drop-off, the front office or back gate. Parents must enter the office from the front of school if leaving meal money.
  • Students in 1st-5th grade are to hang up their backpacks at their classrooms and proceed to the playground. They are not to linger in the hallways. Parents are to say goodbye at the gates or valet.
  • Kindergarten students are to report directly to the cafeteria if eating breakfast or to the playground with their backpacks. Students from room 1 hang their backpacks outside of room 1. Students from all other rooms place their backpacks by room 2 (just inside the kindergarten playground). Parents are to say goodbye at the front gate or valet. Student helpers will escort Kindergarten students from valet to their playground.
  • Valet drop-off operates from 8:20-8:50 a.m. through the North High staff parking lot. Valet at 8:20 a.m. is for students having breakfast only. Valet drop-off for all students from 8:35-8:50 a.m. is the recommended entrance for students arriving by car. 
  • Please use caution, drive safely and enter the valet line only when traveling east on 182nd Street. Do not turn left into the lot when traveling west on 182nd Street as this presents a traffic hazard. Carpooling is recommended. 
  • The North High parking lot is for staff parking. Please find street parking and walk students to the front gate when arriving if you are not using valet. 



  •  There is no parking, pick-up or valet service after school in the North High staff parking lot. 
  • All children leaving through the front of school need to wait inside the front gate until they see their parent. Parents waiting for siblings need to supervise their children that have been picked up. There is no running around/playing on the front lawn as it is too close to the street.


  • All visitors attending school events during school hours must sign-in/sign-out through the office or front gate at the time of the event. Parents are welcome to attend all morning assemblies. Parents are to wait outside the front gates in the courtyard before signing-in and meeting in the Quad. 







Para garantizar la llegada segura y a tiempo de todos los estudiantes, siga las instrucciones en todo momento:   

  • La llegada empieza a las 8:35am para todos los estudiantes. 
  • Todos los voluntarios y visitantes con citas programadas dentro de la escuela tienen que firmar su entrada en la oficina de la dirección. Voluntarios y visitantes no pueden usar la puerta de atrás para entrar al campus. La puerta de atrás es sólo para estudiantes y sus padres que los llevan y entregan al YMCA.   
  • Los estudiantes que vienen a clase antes de la escuela tienen que reportarse en la oficina. 
  • La cafetería abre a las 8:20am sólo para estudiantes que desayunan. Los estudiantes pueden entrar al campus por el valet en North High, las puertas delantera y de atrás. Si los padres quieren dejar dinero para comida, tienen que ir a la oficina en la parte delantera de la escuela.  
  • No se puede usar el estacionamiento de personal a lado de la oficina para dejar o recoger alumnos o como estacionamiento de padres antes, durante o inmediatamente después de clases.   
  • Los estudiantes deben de usar las banquetas enfrente de la escuela y no pueden caminar por el estacionamiento.  
  • No se permite dejar nada ni nadie sobre la 182nd Street en las mañanas.  
  • Los estudiantes de 1º a 5º grado tienen que colgar sus mochilas en sus salones e irse al patio. No pueden estar merodeando en los pasillos. Los padres tienen que despedirse en las puertas o en el valet.  
  • Los estudiantes de kinder tienen que llegar directamente a la cafetería si es que desayunan ahí, o al patio con sus mochilas. Los estudiantes del salón 1 cuelgan sus mochilas afuera del salón 1. Los estudiantes de los demás salones las dejan cerca del salón 2 (justo dentro del patio de kinder). Los padres tienen que despedirse en la puerta delantera o en el valet. Los ayudantes escoltan a los alumnos de kinder del valet a su patio.   
  • El valet opera de 8:20 a 8:50 am en el estacionamiento de North High. El valet de las 8:20 es sólo para estudiantes que desayunan en la cafetería. Se recomienda que los demás estudiantes que llegan en carro que usen el valet de 8:35 a 8:50 am.    
  • Tenga precaución, maneje con cuidado y entre a la fila del valet sólo si va hacia el este sobre la 182nd Street. No se de vuelta a la izquierda si va hacia el oeste sobre la 182nd Street, ya que representa un riesgo vial. Se recomienda compartir el auto.   
  • El estacionamiento de North High es del personal. Si no usa el valet, busque estacionamiento en la calle y camine con sus estudiantes a la puerta delantera. 



  • No hay estacionamiento, ni valet, ni se puede recoger estudiantes en el estacionamiento de personal de North High.   
  • Todos los niños que salen por la puerta delantera de la escuela necesitan esperarse dentro de la puerta hasta que vean a sus padres. Los padres que esperan otros alumnos necesitan supervisar a los niños que ya hayan recogido. No de permiten niños corriendo o jugando en el prado de enfrente, ya que está muy cerca de la calle.     


  • Todos los visitantes que acuden a eventos durante las horas de escuela tienen que registrar su entrada y salida en la oficina de la dirección o en la puerta de la entrada a la hora del evento. Los padres son bienvenidos a asistir a las ceremonias de las mañanas. Tienen que esperar afuera de las puertas delanteras en el prado antes de registrarse y entrar al patio interior a reunirse con los demás.  

¡Gracias por su cooperación!     



Students enjoy a positive climate for learning. Listed below are some ways in which this is achieved:

Assemblies are held most mornings in the "quad" with awards given for citizenship, scholarship, and special effort.

Students from several upper-grade class4s choose to become "buddies" to primary students. These shared activities help build self-esteem in both older and younger children.

Numerous students assist as cafeteria helpers, office helpers, messengers, and tutors. Such activities help all students develop leadership skills.


Selected fifth-grade students participate in a Conflict Manager Program. They receive training and are responsible for mediating some student problems.

Homework is seen as a continuation of classroom instruction from material covered in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to work with the teachers to develop a sense of responsibility for homework by their child or children. Homework is assigned on a regular basis for the time allocation recommended by District policy, as indicated.

  • Kindergarten    20-40 minutes per week
  • Grades 1-3       1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours per week
  • Grades 4-5       3 hours 20 minutes to 4 hours per week 



Edison School, through Title 1 identification, receives additional funds to assist our educationally disadvantaged children to successfully participate in the core curriculum. Some first graders participate in a Reading Recovery program designed to provide them with reading strategies. Some students attend self-esteem groups to help them interact positively with their peers. 

Under the auspice of Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) some of our students attend before-school classes that challenge their thinking in various areas. 



The following rules are the established expectations for student behavior at Edison School. Teachers review these rules with their students at the beginning of each school year and, as needed, throughout the year with their class as a whole or with individual students. A copy of these rules is sent home to parents at the beginning of the school year and to each new student when he/she enrolls. Parent and student signatures are requiered signifying that they have reviewed the school's discipline policy and rules. 




  • 1.  Treat all people and things with respect and dignity.
  • 2.  Show respect for adults and follow their directions without argument.
  • 3.  Use the bathroom and get a drink at recess.
  • 4.  Use appropriate language (no profanity).
  • 5.  Play and run only in designated areas.
  • 6.  Walk at all times except when involved in a game.
  • 7.  Keep toys at home.
  • 8.  Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
  • 9.  Touch only your own backpack and belongings.
  • 10.  Swing in a sitting position backwards and forwards only.

·         Count to 25 and no count backs allowed.  

  • 11.   Use the bars safely-4th & 5th grade teachers generate rules.
  • 12.   Keep campus clean.
  • 13.  Respond to the freeze bell immediately by:

·         Freezing (upper grades)   

·         Walking to line (primary and upper grades)

·         Holding and carrying equipment to line.  

  • 14.  At dismissal time:

·         Leave campus promptly

·         Sit on the grass in front of the office if waiting for someone. 

  • 15.  Walk bikes on campus, wear a helmet.


Behavior (such as fighting and rock throwing) which may cause harm or injury to others is never tolerated and will be dealt with in a serious manner, including suspension from school.  

Students are sent to the office for severely inappropriate or dangerous behavior. 








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